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Lackawanna College


When the Marcellus Shale development came to Northeast Pennsylvania it was a game changer for the region.

Local restaurants were full morning, noon and night. Regional employment skyrocketed. Hardware stores were selling out of tools as soon as shipments arrived and equipment rental locations couldn’t keep up with demand. And perhaps most important positive, farmers finally had a chance to survive.

In the midst of the boom, however, Lackawanna College recognized something was missing: sustainable petroleum and natural gas education.

So five years ago the college took a risk and invested $750,000 to build an institution with the sole purpose of educating students on production and mid-stream activities - essential job functions the industry recognized weren’t readily available in the region.

Fast forward to today, Lackawanna College’s risk has transformed into the School of Petroleum and Natural Gas which offers the regions only associate degrees in Petroleum & Natural Gas Technology and Compression technologies.

Teaser Video for the College:


With a 75% post graduate rate, this school is quickly becoming the go-to place for qualified, well-trained employees in the growing Marcellus Shale industry.

What makes this school the place to be?

How about the hands on education experience? Lackawanna College students will learn on equipment used today, right now in the Marcellus Shale.

Or the industry partnerships? The major players like Chesapeake Energy, Tailsman Energy, Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation, Williams are all heavily involved with the school inside the classroom and out.

Maybe its what’s on the horizon for this school? New facilities and expanded curriculum diversification, both of which broaden post-graduation career opportunities for students.

Regardless of the reason, do yourself a favor and check out Lackawanna College’s school of Petroleum and Natural Gas. Call 570-465-2344 to register or for more information





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